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Court stops Biden\’s student loan forgiveness for now



Court stops Biden's student loan

ST. LOUIS (AP) — Late Friday night, a federal appeals court issued an administrative stay that temporarily stops President Joe Biden\’s plan to cancel billions of dollars in federal student loans. This puts the program in limbo just days after people started applying for loan forgiveness.

Biden\’s student loan

The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals put a hold on the program while it looks into a request from six states led by Republicans to stop it. The stay told the Biden administration not to do anything with the program while the appeal was being looked into.

It\’s not clear what the decision means for the 22 million borrowers who have already asked for the relief. The Biden administration said it wouldn\’t get rid of any debt before Oct. 23 while it fought the legal challenges, but it wasn\’t expected to start getting rid of debt until around the middle of November.

Karine Jean-Pierre, the press secretary for the White House, told borrowers to keep applying for the relief because the court\’s temporary order did not stop applications or the review of applications.

In a statement, she added, \”We will continue to carry out our plans in compliance with this directive.\” Administration lawyers will keep fighting Republican authorities in court who try to block aid to working families.

Now, the most important question is whether or not the problem will be fixed before Jan. 1, when federal student loan payments are supposed to start again after being put on hold during the pandemic. Under Biden\’s plan, millions of Americans were supposed to have all of their debt erased, but now they don\’t know if they will have to start making payments in January.

Biden said that the last time he delayed payments, it would be the last time. However, economists worry that many Americans may not have gotten their finances back on track after the pandemic. If people who were expecting their debts to be forgiven have to make payments in January, many of them could fall behind on their bills and stop paying on their loans.

Late Thursday, a notice of appeal was sent to the Eighth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. This was done just hours after U.S. District Judge Henry Autrey in St. Louis said that \”the Court lacks jurisdiction to hear this case\” because Nebraska, Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, and South Carolina failed to prove that they had a right to sue.

Separately, the six states asked the district court to stop the administration from putting the plan to cancel the debt into action until the appeals process is over.

One of the six attorneys general who led the effort to stop the debt relief program, Doug Peterson of Nebraska, praised the court\’s decision.

Peterson expressed his satisfaction with the interim stay being granted in a statement. Before handing out nearly $400 billion in debt to the American people, \”it is highly crucial for the court to look at the legal issues relating to presidential power.\”

Before the ruling on Friday, Biden spoke at Delaware State University, a historically black school where most students get federal Pell Grants. He was proud of how many people had applied for loan relief in the week since his administration made its online application available.

The plan, which was announced in August, would let people with incomes of less than $125,000 or households with incomes of less than $250,000 get rid of $10,000 in student loan debt. Pell Grant recipients, who usually have more financial problems, will have an extra $10,000 of their debts wiped out.

The program will cost about $400 billion over the next 30 years, according to the Congressional Budget Office. At a hearing on Oct. 12, an attorney from the office of the Nebraska attorney general, James Campbell, told Autrey that the administration is acting outside of its authority in a way that will cost the states millions of dollars.

The cancellation applies to federal student loans and Parent Plus loans that were used to go to college or graduate school. Students in college now are eligible if their loans were paid out before July 1. The plan gives 43 million borrowers the chance to get some or all of their debt forgiven. The administration says that 20 million borrowers could have all of their debt erased.

The news quickly became a major political issue before the midterm elections in November.

Conservative lawyers, Republican lawmakers, and business groups have said that Biden went beyond his authority by taking such sweeping actions without getting Congress\’s approval. They said it was an unfair government handout to people with money at the expense of taxpayers who didn\’t go to college.

Many Democratic lawmakers who are running for re-election this year have moved away from the plan.

Biden slammed Republicans on Friday for criticizing his aid program, calling their anger \”false and hypocritical.\” He said that some Republican officials had their debts and loans for disaster relief wiped out.

In September, the six states went to court. Lawyers for the government said that the Department of Education has \”broad authority\” to run the federal programs that help students pay for college. In a court filing, it was said that the 2003 Higher Education Relief Opportunities for Students Act, or HEROES Act, lets the secretary of education change or cancel the terms of federal student loans during war or a national emergency.

In the filing, it said, \”COVID-19 is such an emergency.\”

After the attacks on September 11, 2001, the HEROES Act was passed to help people in the military. The Justice Department says that during a national emergency, Biden can reduce or get rid of his student loan debt because the law lets him. Republicans say that the government is wrongly interpreting the law, especially since the pandemic is no longer a national emergency.

At the hearing on Oct. 12, attorney Brian Netter from the Justice Department told Autrey that the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are still being felt. He said that the number of people who don\’t pay back their student loans has gone through the roof in the last 2 1/2 years.

There have been other lawsuits that also tried to stop the program. An appeal from a group of Wisconsin taxpayers to stop the debt cancellation program was turned down earlier Thursday by Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

Barrett, who is in charge of emergency appeals from Wisconsin and nearby states, didn\’t say anything when he turned down the Brown County Taxpayers Association\’s request. In its filing with the Supreme Court, the group said it needed an emergency order because the government could start getting rid of student debt as soon as Sunday.

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Imran Khan was shot during a rally; how it transpired and what Pakistan should do next




Imran Khan was shot

During his protest rally in Pakistan\’s Punjab region, Imran Khan was riding in a container-mounted truck when an unidentified gunman opened fire, injuring him with a bullet. The right leg of Khan, 70, was struck, according to footage from Geo TV.

Imran Khan, a former prime minister of Pakistan, was shot at while leading a protest march in the Punjab state of Pakistan on Thursday. What exactly happened, and what will Pakistan do next?

Imran Khan was shot

What happened to Imran Khan?

Imran Khan reportedly received a bullet wound when an unknown shooter opened fire on the truck carrying him when he was holding a protest demonstration in Pakistan\’s Punjab region. The right leg of Khan, 70, was struck, according to footage from Geo TV. According to the broadcaster, he has been taken to a hospital and is no longer in danger. Fawad Chaudhry, the head of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), claims that three other leaders also sustained injuries.

What was said by the accused attacker

A guy claiming to be the attacker claimed in a video that he wanted to kill Imran Khan because the former prime minister was \”misleading people.\” The video was uploaded by Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir.

\”I wanted to get rid of him because he was deceiving the populace, Imran Khan. I attempted to shoot him, but no one else did. I decided when he departed from Lahore. The alleged gunman was heard saying in the footage, \”I did this alone, no one else was involved.

What direction was the rally going?

The event happened close to Allahwala Chowk in the Punjabi town of Wazirabad. The long march set out from Lahore on October 28 and is anticipated to travel approximately 380 kilometres in a week to arrive in Islamabad on November 4.

Why is the protest taking place?

Khan had referred to the demonstration as one of the \”largest freedom movements\” in Pakistan and stated that the purpose of the march was to pressure the administration to call elections right away. The action was taken shortly after Khan was barred from holding public office for five years by Pakistan\’s Election Commission on the grounds that he had concealed the earnings from the sale of gifts he had received from foreign leaders.

What is the incident\’s police report?

According to a report on Geo TV, one person was detained on the spot and taken by the police to an unspecified place. Imran Khan was transferred by the authorities from the container he was traveling in during the attack to a bulletproof vehicle in the interim.

What’s next for Pakistan?

Imran doesn\’t appear to have suffered major injuries. His party released a video of him standing and waving to supporters as his face appeared to be smiling. He was described as \”stable\” by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on its official Twitter account.

The former prime minister may not have been shot \”three to four\” times in the leg, as Imran Ismail, a party colleague, had earlier claimed to the Pakistani network \”Bol TV.\”

But the attack will riskily intensify the already volatile conflict in Pakistan. Sheikh Imtiaz Mehmood, the PTI\’s local leader in Lahore, urged \”all employees and the people to immediately attend Liberty Chowk (in Lahore) to protest the cowardly fatal attack on Chairman Imran Khan.\”

More violence is almost certainly going to break out, which might force Pakistan\’s military, the country\’s only functioning institution at the moment, to intervene. The generals have a variety of alternatives at their disposal, ranging from martial law to a complete takeover.

After the shooting, Shireen Mazari, a party colleague, tweeted that the \”string pullers\” and \”the Establishment\” will be \”held responsible by the nation.\” Imran has been openly attacking the army for months.

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Elon Musk\’s mistake will crash planes and kill people – Elon Musk News




elon musk news

Elon Musk News – Elon Musk Trending

London: The world\’s richest man, Elon Musk, has revealed a new plan. He wants to send more than 40,000 SpaceX Internet-beaming satellites into low-Earth orbit. Their Starlink service is allowed 12,000 launches now, but the firm wants to send 30,000 more satellites into space in 2019. The paperwork for this has been started. Experts have warned that Elon Musk\’s grand plan to send more satellites into space could lead to a catastrophic plane crash.

what is the danger

Elon Musk\’s giant satellite plans could bring down planes, and crash them. Astronomers have given this warning. That\’s why experts say that Elon Musk should now cancel the plan to send more satellites to space.

why is there fear

According to the report of The Sun, astronomers fear that having thousands of satellites in space is not good. Congestion increases the risk of collisions, which can cause debris to fall to Earth. According to Andy Lawrence, Regius Professor of Astronomy at the University of Edinburgh, it should burn up as it passes through the atmosphere, but even the smallest part can bring down an aircraft.

Experts warn, \”That\’s a lot of pieces, something that hits a plane will kill 300 people unless we\’re really, really careful.

In response, however, SpaceX says, they have AI algorithms for collision avoidance and they make sure old satellites burn up, so we have to trust them that it always works, and it won\’t.

Experts argue that if it is raining in the atmosphere, then even after coming into the atmosphere, space waste will not move. This situation is fatal for aircraft. Professor Lawrence – who published a book about the issue last year called Losing the Sky – said he and others are not asking Musk to stop satellite launches altogether. Just advising them to slow down a bit.

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Elon Musk News

Elon Musk plans to cut 75 percent of the Twitter workforce

Philippines wants to use Elon Musk\’s Starlink to get free

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Elon Musk plans to cut 75 percent of the Twitter workforce




Elon Musk

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The Washington Post said Thursday that if and when Elon Musk buys the social media company, he plans to fire most of the people who work there.

The report says that Musk has told potential investors in his plan to buy Twitter that he plans to cut nearly 75% of Twitter\’s 7,500 employees,
leaving the company with just a skeleton crew. The newspaper used documents and anonymous sources who knew about the talks.

San Francisco-based Twitter and a person who works for Musk\’s lawyer Alex Spiro did not respond right away to messages asking for comments.

Even if the company hadn\’t been sold, job cuts were to be expected. However, Musk\’s planned cuts are much bigger than anything Twitter had planned. Musk has said before that some of the company\’s staff might need to be let go, but he hasn\’t said how many, at least not in public.

Wedbush analyst Dan Ives stated, \”A 75% personnel reduction would mean, at least immediately, greater free cash flow and profitability, which would be tempting to investors interested in the purchase. However, you cannot expand by shrinking.

Ives added that such a reduction in Twitter\’s workforce would certainly set the firm back by years.

Already, experts, nonprofits, and even Twitter\’s own employees have warned that cutting back on investments in content moderation and data security could hurt Twitter and its users.

With a cut as big as the one Musk may be planning, the platform could quickly become full of harmful content and spam, which the Tesla CEO has said he\’ll deal with if he buys the company.

After offering $44 billion to buy Twitter in April, Musk backed out of the deal, saying that Twitter lied about how many fake \”spam bot\” accounts were on its platform.

Twitter filed a lawsuit, and a judge in Delaware gave both sides until Oct. 28 to work out the details. If not, a trial will be held in November.

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